FAQ: How To Paint Basement Floor Joist Without Sprayer?

How do you paint basement floor joists?

Fill your airless paint sprayer with a primer. Spray the primer over the floor joists on the basement ceiling. Start in a corner and move down one line of joists, moving back and forth slightly for even coverage. Continue down the next joist line until the ceiling is covered.

Is it OK to paint floor joists?

The best paint for painting floor joists is a non-shiny or matte paint. You do not want the ceiling to be obtrusive. A flat finish with water-based paint is a better option.

How do you clean basement ceiling joists?

Basement joists are often overlooked moldy spots that must be cleaned and sealed.

  1. Set up your step ladder so you can climb up between two joists.
  2. Fill your bucket with water.
  3. Wash the joists with the soapy water.
  4. Attach the handle of your box fan to the joists with tie wire.
  5. Spray the joists with fungicide.
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Can you paint basement wires?

With an exposed ceiling, especially one like ours that has many pipes, wires, nooks and crannies, it’s best to spray the paint to get a good even finish. I can’t even imagine how long it would have taken with a brush, but it only took about 2 hours with our trusty paint sprayer.

Can I spray paint my basement ceiling?

Absolutely not. Do not use spray paint to paint your basement ceiling. For one, the fumes will be toxic, and two, you would need about 100 – 150 cans of spray paint to do the job. For that cost, you could buy a paint sprayer made specifically to handle this type of job.

Can you paint insulation in basement?

You can paint unusual surfaces, such as exposed fiberglass insulation and electrical wires, but prime metal ducts beforehand.

Should deck joists be painted?

Coat the joists with a moisture-resistant stain or sealer before you install them to provide an extra level of protection. Paint all the surfaces and edges with a paintbrush, making sure you provide a generous coating on the ends.

What color should I paint my basement ceiling?

White is a top choice for ceilings because it boosts the amount of light in the room. If your basement is too dark, consider using white to reflect more light throughout the area. White paint also allows you to play around with color.

Can I paint my crawl space?

Interior basement walls should be scrubbed free of mildew or mold and then primed with a waterproofing paint that is suitable for the surface. Two to three coats of a sealant may be necessary. Drylok may also be applied to the walls of a crawl space to further prevent water damage.

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What do I cover my basement ceiling with when painting?

To protect large items that are staying in the basement, move them into the center of the room and covered them with drop cloths and plastic sheeting. If you are not changing your basement floors, I would recommend covering those as well. Our floor had black speckled paint all over.

How do you prep a basement ceiling for painting?

Once the basement was clean enough to work in, these are the steps we followed:

  1. Inspect and secure all pipes and venting.
  2. Bundle, tidy and secure ceiling wiring.
  3. Trim down ceiling nails using a rotary tool and cut-off discs.
  4. Fill gaping areas with foam insulation.

How much does it cost to paint a basement ceiling?

Cost to Paint a Basement Ceiling Painting a basement ceiling costs anywhere from $500 to $4,500 depending on square footage. Your price could increase for exposed beams, ductwork or electrical. Since each one is unique, it’s best to talk with your contractor about specific costs associated with your project.

Can you spray paint electrical wires?

Paints not going to have any effect on the wiring or plumbing. But there’s going to be over spray everywhere and fumes to deal with. Remove the outlet and switch covers and wrap the outlets and switches with painters tape.

What is best paint for basement concrete floor?

While there are a number of basement floor paint options from which to choose, contractors and homeowners agree that epoxy paint is the best choice for preserving and enhancing a concrete floor.

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How can I cover my basement ceiling cheaply?

Install Drywall or Paneling Thin wood paneling — typically 1/8- to 1/4-inch thick — can cover an exposed ceiling, and it’s available in a variety of designs. Fir plywood, hardboard, even oriented-strand-board (OSB) are even more affordable. These cheaper options typically require paint or sealant.

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