FAQ: Which Paint Sprayer Will Do Roof Coating?

Can roof paint be sprayed?

Airless roof spray painting provides an easy and economical way to apply coatings. Airless spraying is up to 10 times faster than brushing or rolling. Quality—Airless sprayers produce an even coat of paint on all types of surfaces, leaving a consistent and high-quality finish.

What paint sprayer will spray elastomeric paint?

If your elastomeric roof coating requires a tip of 40 thousands or higher, you may need a direct immersion style airless sprayer, like the Graco 733 or something similar.

Can you spray fibered roof coating?

APPLICATION: Rust-Oleum 15 Year Fibered Aluminum Roof Coating can be applied by brush, roller, or spray gun to specified coverage rates. Good results are generally obtained @ 2000–3000 psi at spray tip.

What is the best way to paint roof?

Airless spraying is the best way and the quickest way to paint a tiled roof and there is a technique for painting these types of roofs. With tiled roofs the best way to spray them is to paint about 4 tiles down from the top and then paint across the roof until you get to the other end.

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What kind of paint do you use on a roof?

A water-based acrylic paint that is elastomeric is usually the best choice for use on a metal roof. In addition to preventing cracking and peeling, this type of paint is also fairly easy to clean up in the event of a problem.

What is the best way to apply elastomeric paint?

Use a latex brush or roller to apply the paint. Before you begin, get the brush or roller wet, and then squeeze out the extra water. If you have any areas that might have dust, rub some elastomeric on with a floor brush to make the elastomeric stick better (elastomeric will not stick to dust).

Can elastomeric paint be sprayed on?

If you plan to finish an exterior surface with elastomeric paint, you can hasten the process by using a spray rig. Unfortunately, elastomeric paint is too thick for many, less powerful spray rigs.

Does elastomeric paint need primer?

Elastomeric paint forms a durable, tough film that provides a waterproof coating to almost any structure. These imperfections must be completely filled with primer and paint or water will penetrate beneath the finish and cause peeling.

Can you recoat a silicone roof?

Can You Recoat a Silicone Roof? Yes. Silicone coatings are also found to be easy to clean, repair, last longer than other coatings, and resist ponding water.

Is silicone roof coating worth it?

The #1 benefit of a silicone roof coating system is the cost savings versus completely tearing off and installing a new roof system. A silicone coating system usually costs between $2 and $3.50 per square foot. A complete roof tear off and installation can cost $4 – $10 per square foot.

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How do you spray acrylic roof coating?

ACRYLIC COATINGS The coating is sprayed through a gun with a small orifice (usually 0.025- 0.040 inches). When the pressurized coating comes out of the gun and is at atmospheric pressure, the pressure reduction causes the coating to atomize into small discrete droplets.

Is fibered aluminum roof coating waterproof?

Unlike acrylic coatings, aluminum coatings do not provide any waterproofing properties. They do increase reflectivity and UV protection to the roof substrate but do not improve appreciable mil thickness to the roof.

What is elastomeric roof coating?

An elastomeric roof coating is a liquid-applied coating (typically made from either silicone or acrylic) that cures into a durable, highly elastic membrane when it dries. The elastic quality makes it easy to apply to most roof surfaces and highly adaptable to a wide range of weather conditions.

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