Often asked: How To Spray Paint With Air Assisted Airless Paint Sprayer?

What is air assisted airless spraying?

Air-assisted airless uses a high-pressure fluid for atomization and compressed air at the cap for pattern control. It sprays medium to high viscosity fluids for a finish quality better than airless, but not as quality as air spray. Air-assisted airless offers high production levels and a high-quality finish.

What is the difference between an airless and a air paint sprayer?

Air sprayers are different from airless primarily because they have to be connected to an air supply, which usually means a bulky, expensive air compressor. Airless sprayers use pressured streams of paint or stain that do not rely on air flow to force the material out of the sprayer, making them extremely portable.

Do you need a compressor for a airless paint sprayer?

Airless Paint Sprayer vs Air Paint Sprayer FAQ Airless sprayers are great for large-scale jobs and do not require a separate compressor or turbine. They also handle thicker coatings with ease.

What is the best air-assisted airless?

Graco G36C12 36:1 Merkur 3600 PSI @ 1.6 GPM Air-Assisted Airless Sprayer – Cart Mount

  • Graco Magnum Pro X17 3000 PSI @ 0.34 GPM Electric Airless Paint Sprayer – Cart.
  • Titan PowrBeast 7700 3300 PSI @ 2.0 GPM Gas Airless Paint Sprayer.
  • Titan PowrBeast 4700 3300 PSI @ 1.60 GPM Gas Airless Paint Sprayer – Stand.
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What is a HPLV spray gun?

HVLP is an acronym for High Volume Low Pressure which means a high volume of air (10-25 CFM) at a low air pressure (10 PSI/0.7 Bar or less). HVLP is one of the most efficient types of Airspray guns you can get. Less paint wasted in your process means money saved on paint consumption.

Do I need to thin paint for airless sprayer?

They’re extremely viscous, so whenever you spray them with a handheld, HVLP, or small airless sprayer, you need to thin them down. That’s true when you’re using anything other than a big airless unit. If you’re using a handheld or HVLP system to paint, you’re probably going to have to use as much as 20-30% water.

Does an airless sprayer use more paint?

Airless paint sprayers are extremely popular, but also tend to waste more paint on average than other types of spray guns. Your run-of-the-mill airless paint sprayer will waste up to 40% of the paint that you use, and even more if you aren’t operating the spray gun properly.

Is it worth getting a paint sprayer?

The use of airless paint sprayers is particularly worthwhile in large areas because the advantage of the higher working speed. For a long time, the rule of thumb used to be: use a paint sprayer starting from a 3-room apartment and to paint everything smaller than that roller and brush.

Is HVLP better than airless?

Vertical spraying: An HVLP is better for vertical spraying small projects than an airless, especially if you’re new to spraying. You’re far less likely to get paint runs because you’re spraying at a much lower pressure. An airless cranked up to 2,000 PSI throws a lot of paint onto the surface quickly.

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Do I need a compressor to spray paint?

CFM rating: A higher CFM (cubic feet per minute) is required to do the job of breaking up paint into the small particles that make spray painting the vehicle possible. We’ll discuss psi below, but a high-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) compressor is usually sufficient to complete an auto paint job.

Can you use a spray gun without a compressor?

A third option you can use to spray paint without a compressor is airless paint sprayers that are gas operated or electric operated. Airless paint sprayers can spray materials of about any thickness, especially if you end up with a gas airless sprayer.

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