Readers ask: How To Paint A Stucco House With Sprayer?

Is it better to spray or roll paint on stucco?

Stucco can be painted using a roller or with an airless sprayer – a brush is not recommended. A roller works well for small jobs, but can be overwhelming on larger projects. Don’t be so hasty to put your roller away when using a paint sprayer. Spraying will get the paint onto the surface.

What is the best way to paint a stucco house?

Prime with a high quality acrylic primer, using a synthetic brush to cut in, and a large napped roller to roll it on. Acrylic primers and paints are preferred because their binders mean better adherence to the uneven stucco finish. A large napped roller makes for easier application into all the nooks and crannies.

Is painting stucco a bad idea?

Stucco needs to breath – One of the main reasons you shouldn’t coat your stucco with paint is because stucco is porous. This allows moisture that hits the surface to easily evaporate away. A coat of paint can harm that breathability.

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Should you wet stucco before painting?

Because stucco is hydrophobic, water is a vital catalyst in the chemical reaction that helps this material harden and cure — and is why it is recommended that it be moist-cured over a number of days, as it keeps the cement’s moisture high enough to hydrate or cure.

Is it safe to pressure wash stucco?

Yes, you can use a power washer or pressure washer to clean stucco. Just make sure to maintain a good distance between the nozzle and the surface, use the 1,500 PSI, and a 25- or 40-degree nozzle. Although, given the intensity of a power washer, seeking the help of a professional is always best.

What is the best color for stucco?

What is the best color for stucco? Colors with a high light reflective value (LRV) are often the best colors for stucco exteriors, since they reflect more UV radiation away from the paint surface, preserving the pigment longer. This includes lighter shades of brown, grey, sandstone, off-white, and, of course, white.

How do you prepare a stucco house for exterior painting?

Preparing for Paint

  1. Remove dust and dirt from the surface of the stucco.
  2. Caulk hairline cracks in the stucco with masonry-compatible caulking.
  3. Wait seven to 10 days to allow a stucco repair product to cure before painting.
  4. Apply painter’s tape around door and window trim.

What is the best exterior house paint for stucco?

Acrylic Paint. The best exterior paint for stucco is 100% acrylic paint in most cases. Indeed, acrylic latex paint is both durable and flexible, maximizing stucco surface breathability.

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How long after power washing stucco can I paint?

The time it takes for a home to dry after a power wash varies greatly on the humidity, rain and temperature. Usually, most homes can be painted within one day after power washing; although, the person who quotes the painting project, should walk the homeowner through a time table for the project.

How much does it cost to repaint a stucco house?

The cost to paint a stucco house will average $4,500 for a 2,000 square foot home with a new stucco exterior. Smaller houses may only cost $3,600 to paint. Larger houses could cost $7,200 or more. Depending on typical costs for your area and type of project, you might pay between $1.80 and $3.60 per square foot.

How often does stucco need to be painted?

Stucco. Stucco is another surface that has excellent longevity after a new paint job. You can expect to have to repaint your stucco house exterior every five to six years.

How long can you leave stucco unpainted?

The short answer is yes, stucco can be left unpainted for a short period of time or forever! Most stucco systems (not EIFS) use cement based products in their base coats and in some cases in the finish coat too (traditional finishes) which are proven to last long periods of time.

Will paint cover hairline cracks in stucco?

Hairline cracks are anywhere from 1/16 of an inch to 1/8 of an inch wide (typically) and are easily and effectively repaired using caulking and paint, in most cases because it is the most economical approach for most people.

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How long does paint last on stucco?

When it comes to your stucco home, the right paint process matters. When done right, a professional paint job on your stucco home should last 7-10 years.

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