Readers ask: What Is Function Of The Tipe Guard On A Titan Paint Sprayer?

What are spray guards?

Tip guards prevent the sprayer from being positioned too close to the surface being painted. A tip guard holds your tip in place, it also helps to eliminate the paint spitting or dripping.

Are Titan and Wagner tips interchangeable?

These are usually ⅞ fitting, and they’re interchangeable between the different brand guns.

Can you use a Graco tip in a Titan sprayer?

The tip seats are the same for a Titan gun and a Graco. Some of the Graco tips come with rubber washers instead of plastic, but the metal seats are the same and can be used in either guard. Also the Graco tip guards will fit Titan guns and vice versa.

What tip do you use for an airless sprayer?

Choose a tip with an orifice size rated for the paint or coating you’ll be spraying. Light coatings such as lacquers, stains, and enamels require a small tip, while heavier coatings such as texture require larger spray tips.

Is Graco better than Wagner?

Their models are also extremely easy to use. However, if you’re looking for the best handheld paint sprayer for professional finishing jobs, go for a Graco. They come in a superior quality that makes them more reliable and versatile than Wagner.

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What is a 515 spray tip used for?

Achieve greater control and less overspray on different surfaces with a wide range of coatings, from stains to exterior paints. 10 inch spray pattern ideal for larger surfaces such as houses/buildings, walls and ceilings.

Will Graco tip extension fit Wagner?

The Graco name gives you the trust you need to know that it will be quality. Its universal compatibility with standard size connectors means your Graco Magnum, Titan, or even Wagner sprayer will all accept this tip extension.

Are Graco and Titan parts interchangeable?

yes the hoses as long as the connectors are the same size threads as the ones you are replacing,then you are fine,ive heard and seen guys use g-10 guns which is a wagner cheap gun on gracos and titans

What is a 617 spray tip used for?

221617. The Reverse-A-Clean (RAC) 617 RAC IV SwitchTip is designed for wide surfaces and materials like enamels, primers, interior paints, paint + primers, and exterior paints. The 617 SwitchTip has a 0.017 inch orifice and produces a 12 to 14 inch fan. Reverse the SwitchTip to easily clear clogs.

What is a 413 spray tip used for?

Read 0 Reviews Same page link. The Reverse-A-Clean (RAC) 413 RAC IV SwitchTip is designed for narrow surfaces and thinner materials like stains and polyurethanes. The 413 SwitchTip has a 0.013 inch orifice and produces an 8 to 10 inch fan. Reverse the SwitchTip to easily clear clogs.

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